We deliver facility maintenance services and building automation services.

Knowledge and experience are critical to the success of any job, especially in the mechanical and electrical construction, HVAC, and facilities maintenance services field. The complexities often inherent in industrial applications leave absolutely no room for miscalculation. Therefore, it is vital to use a company that understands the importance of detail.

The broad range of our knowledge and experience enables us to respond to the particular needs of each client, regardless of job size, in the most effective way.

We are constantly adapting to the ever-changing regulatory environment. We are capable of making the fast changes often required by shifts in project schedules, cost considerations, and the never-ending search for the best end result.

Mechanical Construction, HVAC Systems, Preventive Maintenance Program & Facilities Maintenance Services

Fluidics provides services for design/build, HVAC systems, plumbing repair, facilities services, and more within the Philadelphia area, including commercial energy audit, preventive maintenance program, and building information systems services.

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