Mobile Service

Through our advanced communications and computerized dispatch operations, Fluidics provides 24-hour response to clients' emergency needs 365 days a year.

HVAC Preventive Maintenance, Preventive Maintenance Program & Facility Maintenance

We provide an HVAC maintenance contract for each client desiring HVAC preventive maintenance services.Facilities preventive maintenance on our clients' equipment is also provided through maintenance contracts of several types, from simple inspection to full parts and labor.

Our mobile web-based work order management program enables us to maintain equipment lists and complete service histories that are regularly referenced to assist in the diagnosis and resolution of problems while the mechanic is on site. All information is available to the client, thus providing an invaluable management tool for building owners/managers.

Fluidics' mechanics respond in real time GPS-enabled, fully equipped maintenance vehicles with inventories of replacement parts to expedite repairs. All of our Mobile Service staff hold the universal EPA certification to handle CFCs in compliance with EPA #606 regulations reenacted in 1993.

Through creative "partnering" arrangements with key clients, the Mobile Service Division can assign a team of mechanics to work exclusively for the client and its maintenance staff, thus ensuring the portfolio will continue to run smoothly.

Contact us today to find out how an HVAC maintenance contract and our facility maintenance services, preventive maintenance program services, and facilities management services can help keep your business running smoothly.